Vian Roos | Imprint
InkTober 2019 Imprint series | Vian Roos is a visual storyteller using photography and design.
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Why did I make prints of myself?


When using a pen, you know the mark it is going to make, but using a part of your body makes it so unpredictable. You really don’t know how it is going to behave and what the outcome will be.


For a long time, I desperately tried to keep my life in control. But over the last year I decided that I just needed to accept that whatever the outcome, it will be okay and I can adjust to it, rather than trying to keep it in the line with what I think it should be.


Embracing the uncertainty of not being in control of the process is what made using myself to create the 31 prints all the more fun. And, I have been amazed and confused with the end result…


Imprint was my 2019 InkTober drawing challenge by doing one print a day the entire month.