Submissions for iJusi magazine, interpreting the South African visual languages | Vian Roos is a visual storyteller using photography and design.
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“The iJusi experimental graphics magazine was born along with the new South Africa in 1994 as a development of the question: ‘What makes me African?’ the first issue was published in 1995”.

– Garth Walker

Urban City    2011 

iJusi #26, Afrika Typografika iii




April & September    2012 

iJusi #27, The lp album cover issue

Waterbok    2013

iJusi #28, The tattoo issue

Bidsprinkaan    2013

iJusi #28, The tattoo issue

Camp david    2015

iJusi #30, Pencil on Pretoria

Zuma’s oath    2016

iJusi #31, iZuma issue

iJusi is a contributor based magazine.

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