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let's talk 'frank', south africa is a political mess, so why do we need to take it so serious | vian roos a storyteller of book layout photography and visual storytelling
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frank afgod



afgod (godlike figure or idol)

“the three things you never speak of at a dinner party are politics, religion and sport”. using the quote as inspiration nelson mandela as a political leader, angus buchan as religious figure and joost van der westhuizen as sports player. my opinion is many south africans view these figures as godlike figures and the aim of the poster is it to make people and the media aware that they are seeing them as idols

frank omo



omo is a play on words in which the omo clothing washing brand packaging of 1994 was replaced with ‘rsa’ and adding the catchphrase ‘now you can mix your whites and colours’ making the comment all south africans after 1994 elections can live together

frank egg

the only thing good

separated is an egg


the only thing good separated is an egg is a comment on the current state of south african society. we are divided by race, class, gender and so on, but at the end of it all, we are one nation and need to find a way of living together. it’s not like in baking where one must separate an egg yolk and white to make a lemon meringue

zuma’s oath

i am not making a statement with this work, but only quoting president jacob zuma in 2009 and to current date. you the reader can make you own derivation